The beautiful Snow Globe requires 1 Ink to begin production. It runs for 3h and gives 110c + 55xp.

Snow Globe Quest Edit

Snow Globe 1/3

  • Harvest (3) Thoughtful Aconite
  • Enchant the Snow Globe (1) time
  • Collect from the Snow Globe (2) times

Snow Globe 2/3

  • Get (5) Ink from the Witch's Hut, No One's Hut or as a gift from Neighbors
  • Give Kaya (3) Rhodonite Balls
  • Collect from the Snow Globe (5) times

Snow Globe 3/3

  • Collect from your No One's Hut or Witch's Hut (3) times
  • Collect Spells from a L4+ Tower of Magic (12) times
  • Have Neighbors collect from your Snow Globe (5) times

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