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Chapter 4 • Speedy Delivery! • begins Saturday, July 1st @ 5pm EDT (Reset)

Speedy Delivery 1/3

  • Collect (2) Planks from your Lumber Mill (Enchanted counts)
  • Craft (5) Empty Boxes in your Laboratory
  • Craft (18) Dreamcatchers (18 Blue Dreamcatchers will be removed from your inventory upon quest completion)
    • Reward = 5 Treasure Bags

• PRO TIP for Quest 1/3 • Leave the last Empty Box in your Laboratory until you've made all the dreamcatchers. • USE up all the Blue Dreamcatchers in your inventory before you collect the last Empty Box. That way you won't lose the 18 DC when you finish Quest 1/3.

Speedy Delivery 2/3

  • Spend (1500) Forest Denarius in the Store
  • Collect from your Forge or No One's Forge (15) times
  • Craft (10) Toolbox in your Laboratory (Kaya will remove these upon quest completion)
    • Reward = 9 Treasure Bags

Speedy Delivery 3/3

  • Accept Neighbors help on your Mana Sources (50) times
  • Sell (8) Big-Eared Buns
  • Craft (35) White Dreamcatchers (Kaya will take these upon quest completion)
    • Reward = 14 Treasure Bags
    • Use the Same PRO TIP as you did in Quest 1/3

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