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As soon as you complete a Spring Hassles Quest, you can upgrade your Grandpa Bloom, which gives you the next Spring Hassles

Spring Hassles 1/7

  • Sell (6) Adult Pigflies from your Pen
  • Collect from Fairy Dwelling (8) times
  • Clear (5) Trees on your own land

Spring Hassles 2/7

  • Collect from your Mana Sources (15) times
  • Sell (15) of any items at Neighbors Market
  • Enchant Houses on your land (10) times

Spring Hassles 3/7

Spring Hassles 4/7

Spring Hassles 5/7

  • Craft (3) Magic Wands in your Laboratory
  • Collect (2) Knowledge from your Library or Large Library (Enchanted will count)
  • Get (4) Paper from your Paper Workshop - (Enchanted will count - Also, Cat Boxes crafted in the Wonder Workshop will count if they drop Paper when opened)

Spring Hassles 6/7

  • Craft (3) Recipes in your Laboratory
  • Collect (4) Firewater from your Brewery (Enchanted Counts)
  • Harvest (8) Poppies on your land

Spring Hassles 7/7

  • Craft (5) Living Water in your Laboratory
  • Sell (6) Adult Big-Eared Buns from your pens
  • Collect from your Palantir (2) times

  • Grandpa Bloom has a 5 minute construction timer but no build requirements at Level 1
  • He can be ENCHANTED!!
  • Grandpa Bloom gives (2) Multicolored Primroses every 4 mins at Level 1
  • Multicolored Primroses are a 6 min crop, give 20m, 1xp and random Petal drop, 2h wither timer

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