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  • For Quest 1/12 send out gifts (reserve 15 neighbors for part 4), however don't accept any gifts of bones you receive until Part 3.
  • For quests 1/12 through 6/12, mugs do not drop from anything except the Weird Shops.  Only Your Weird Shops harvested by your neighbors will work.
  • The New Recipe 5/12 quest also gives the reward: Fat Rabbit's Pub Quest Set.
Mug of ale

Mug of Ale recipe for part 5

Completion of this quest line gives 1 Alfred Hedgehog!

  • Starting with quest 7/12 mugs can be obtained from your Weird Shop and Shops that are harvested by your neighbors.
  • For Quest 9/12, don't bother skipping the 12 Ale requirement with rubies.  You still need the 12 Ale to upgrade the pub.
  • For Quest 9/12, the upgrade to L2 of the pub requires:  500c, 2 shmoo, 50 mana and 12 Ale (30 min. timer)
  • For Quest 10/12, those who have Taverns are in luck, they also drop Empty Mugs (7 per run).  I'd recommend cycling the Shops though.  Much cheaper to run.