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• All item drops continue until July 8th • You can complete Summer Dream 10/10 and all other quests • You will still get Spirit Weeds > Flames, Feathers etc

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Update Posted: 7/06/2017 - 3:00AM EDT:
Dear Enchanters! Quest: “Summer Dream” ends July 9th @ 5 pm EDT (Reset).
Here are some important things that will be changed in the Magic Forest:

  • After July 11th - 4 am EDT (10 am CEST) Blue, Red and White feathers will no longer drop.
  • All Spirits Weeds will leave the forest, July 11th too. The weeds will turn back into ordinary ones. No Dream catchers will be needed to clear them.
  • You will be able to upgrade the Verbena Tree till July 17th. After this date, the Verbena Tree will produce Packages for Mana.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to spend your Forest Denarii in the shop till July 17th! You won’t need them for the next adventure!
  • All Dawn Keys will remain in your inventory, they will become useful when a new quest for the territory starts.

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Chapter 5 = Final Lunge Info
For all 3 quests in this final chapter you will spend a total 4,187 FD on Owls and receive a total of 83 Treasure Bags as quest rewards • that makes it well worth the cost of the Owls! (Of course, the amount you spend on Owls will vary if you already had some)

Details on the Mushroom Grove found on the new land expansion can be seen here: Mushroom Grove

  • Reminder: FD will no longer be valid shortly after July 8th - so don't get stuck saving FD for the next quest to open this new land, there will be a new currency introduced with the next quest. Keys will remain useful. FD will not!

Good morning! This mornings update: June 22

  • Tower of Magic Freezing issue is fixed now, reload the game to see!
  • These 5 timed quests are for level 35+
    • Today Only!
    • Here and Now!
    • Hurry, before Dawn
    • Speedy Delivery!
    • Final Lunge
  • You do not have to do any of the quests to open the new land. You can just collect keys. However, without the "Treasure Bags" received as quest rewards from the 5 timed quests, it will be very hard to collect enough keys
    • Small Treasure bags can give 10 - 50
    • Treasure Bags (quest rewards) can give 100 - 500
  • Other Issues are still being worked on

  • Those who received Quest: Lazy Spot - that was an error, not everyone received it but if you did just complete it and it will go away
  • Summer Dream 2/10 says to craft 2 "White Dream Catchers" - the text is wrong. Craft "RED Dream Catchers" to update your quest objective
  • Shaman Owls - 20 min feed timer, eat Frogs, Adult @Level 8
  • Use the "Show" Button on your quest window to find the correct color of Spirit weeds. If it says you have none on your land, wait 45 mins, reload and try again.
  • Summer Revel is purchased in Store > Featured Goods tab
  • Purchase the Verbena Tree > Store > Featured Goods tab - place it and once it finishes construction you will receive Timed Quest: Today Only! 1/3
  • Enchant your Verbena Tree to get extra Verbena Crops
  • Click trick seems to work well with the crops (Click Trick = harvest crops slowly til you see a branch or white feather, then click fast to try and get multiple drops in a row)
  • New Land = 720 Dawn keys at 1250FD per 12 keys is 60x1250 = 75,000 FD, not 9750 (someone rudely pointed out to me below!) Hence - not everyone will be able to get that many Forest Denarius and Keys, but just gather as many as you can, we will have more quests in the coming weeks that will allow us to gather more Keys
  • Open the first big Treasure Bag you receive, that will help you to buy the (3) Shaman Owls you need for "Today Only! 1/3"
  • Event Tips here: Charm Farm News

Items found in this quest are listed here in Alphabetical order
  • Note: Spirit Weeds are scarce, you must rely on the generosity of Neighbors to get all the Flames you need. Craft a bunch of Dream Catchers and go visiting! Flames drop 100% from your Neighbors Spirit Weeds. Please leave 5 of each Red, Blue, White Spirit Weeds for your Neighbors as well and consider them a resource! Click those first and follow with Animals or Market.
Item Information
Blue Dream Catcher Crafted in the Summer Revel, use on Spirit Weeds to get Blue Flames
Blue Feather Random from any Spell you cast
Blue Flame 100% drop from giving Blue Dream Catchers to Blue Spirit Weeds
Blue Spirit New weed - give it Blue Dream Catcher to receive Blue Flame +1 Denarius on your land or Neighbors • ('Flame is 100% but Denarius is random from Neighbors)
Dawn Key Opens new land - Purchase from Store > First tab > 1250 FD for 12 Keys
Forest Denarius (FD) New currency - receive from Treasure and Small Treasure Bags • +1 from clearing Spirit Weeds on your own land • Random from clearing Neighbors Spirit Weeds
Red Dream Catcher Crafted in the Summer Revel, use on Spirit Weeds to get Red Flames
Red Feather Random from you or Neighbors feeding Animals or Dragons on your land
Red Flame 100% drop from giving Red Dream Catchers to Red Spirit Weeds
Red Spirit New weed - give it Red Dream Catcher to receive Red Flame +1 Denarius on your land or Neighbors • ('Flame is 100% but Denarius is random from Neighbors)
Shaman's Owl Purchased in Store for 79 FD • Eats Frog x2, 90mana, every 20 minutes, AdultLevel 8, sells for 750c • Note: Feeding Neighbors Owls also takes 2 Frogs
Small Treasure Bag Crafted in the Summer Revel New weed • Give between 10 & 50 FD
Spirit Weeds New weeds in Red, Blue & White • To get new spawn, reload your game every 45 minutes, not a minute sooner or you will reset your timer.
Treasure Bag Quest Rewards • Give between 100 & 500 FD • Open as soon as you get them!
Verbena (crop) Verbena is a new crop that drops from the Verbena Tree • You DO NOT get a new crop back in inventory when harvesting • You DO get Verbane Branches 100%
Verbena Branch Drops 100% when harvesting Verbena Crop • Used to Craft Dream Catchers
Verbena Tree

Gives Verbena crop upon harvest • Enchant to get extra crops
• Level 1 = 6
• Level 2 = 9
• Level 3 = 12
• Level 4 = 17

White Dream Catcher Crafted in the Summer Revel, use on Spirit Weeds to get White Flames
White Feather Random from any Crops harvested on your own land
White Flame 100% drop from giving White Dream Catchers to White Spirit Weeds
White Spirit New Weed - Give it Blue Dream Catcher to receive Blue Flame +1 Denarius on your land or at Neighbors • (Flame is 100% but Denarius is random from Neighbors)

Click a Picture to see the Quest Details Page!
Prices reduced in Store • 40% Off Until the end of Event July 8th!!

Vielen Dank für Ihre hilfreichen Grafiken
Susy Gibbs • Admin @ Original Deutsche Charmies


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