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  • This Quest is no longer available
Fishing Pond

Welcome to Summer! Some things to know... You don't have to spend rubies to complete the quests. Check out the quest rewards to see where you get nautilus, you can also get them from turning in the collection items that drop from the pond. You can find fishing line by allowing your neighbors to collect your shops, weird shops and taverns, where they drop at a 100% rate. You can also get fishing line from casting spells, but it is a random drop. There is a non-timed companion quest called Nice Catch given at the completion of the 4th timed quest.

Pond Building Info
Level Build Requirements Production Window
Initial Build = 20m Construction Timer + 2 Shmoos
Level 2 Upgrade
Level 3 Upgrade
Level 4 Upgrade

SF 1 of 9
  • Chop down 5 trees
  • Find 5 worms by harvesting crops, digging up weeds or receiving them as gifts.
  • Find a saw (gifts also count)

SF 2 of 9
This is the 2nd of nine despite the naming error calling it 1 of 9.
  • Build the Pond in your farm
  • Have a Wonder Workshop
  • Craft a stick (NOTE: You will only be able to complete this portion after you build the pond.)

Find the pond in your inventory under the Structures tab. It requires 2 shmoo and 20 min to construct.

Pond construction timer

L1 Pond


L1 Build

SF 3 of 9
  • Let Neighbors collect on your Tavern, Weird Shops, and Shops to get 3 Fishing Line to drop
  • Craft 3 Fishing Poles in the Wonder Workshop.
  • Collect income from your Pond 2 times.

NOTE: Fishing Line is also a random drop from enchanting any buildings. Although this won't complete the quest, it is a way to get more line for your Fishing Poles.

SF 3 of 9deal

Completion of Summer Fishing 4 will release 2 quests, Summer Fishing 5/9 and a non-timed quest, Nice Catch.

SF 4 of 9
  • Catch any three fish in your Pond
  • Let Neighbors collect on your Tavern, Weird Shops, and Shops 5 times (Also referred to as "Commercial Buildings")
  • Feed your Nautilus (Given quest reward from 3/9 found under the harvest tab in your Inventory) Like all animals, nautilus must be placed in a pen. Any type of pen will suffice.
SF 4 of 9deal

Companion Sale

SF 5 of 9
  • Catch two fish in your pond
  • Sell a full grown nautilus to get fish eggs
  • Upgrade the Pond to Level 2 (See "Pond Build Req's" Tab)
  • Reward: Shmoo with Oar - Gives 100MP when placed
    SF 5 of 9deal
    Fish eggs

Nice catch
  • Trade in the "Something Fishy" Collection 5 times
  • Sell 12 full grown Nautius
  • Sell 100 items in your Market

TIP: Stock up on fishing line, it won't drop from houses after the timed quest is finished. And don't sell more than 9 nautilus before you get Summer Fishing 8/9.

Fish collection

  • Collect from your Woodlot 3 times (Lumber Yard = Woodlot, they misspelled)
  • Enchant (10) Houses (the text says "3" but it is "10")
  • Accept Neighbors help on Taverns, Weird Shops and Shops 10 times
SF 6 of 9deal

  • Accept Neighbors help on Taverns, Weird Shops and Shops 13 times
  • Send (10) Gifts to Neighbors
  • Upgrade Pond to L3
SF 7 of 9deal

  • Harvest 30 Thoughtful Aconitums
  • Sell (3) L10 Nautilus
  • Accept Neighbors help on Taverns, Weird Shops and Shops 15 times
SF 8 of 9deal

  • Upgrade the Pond to L4
    SF 9 of 9deal
  • Collect from your Pond (5) times
  • Trade in the "Something Fishy" Collection (3) times

Note: If you want to stock up on a few free Nautilus, hold off on completing this quest until you have sufficient fishing line.

Mermaid fountainV
Mermaid fountain