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Gwonk with a Sweet Tooth

This quest begins when you complete Beautify and purchase the "Gwonk with a Sweet Tooth" from the Featured Goods tab in the store for 49 Jack-o-Cookies

Sweet Tooth 1/3

  • Find (3) Halloween Collection items when collecting from your Gwonk with a Sweet Tooth
  • Trade in the Halloween Collection (1) time
  • Upgrade Gwonk with a Sweet Tooth to level 2

*Note: Don't upgrade to L2 until you get all 3 collection items, L2 production takes 2h, level 3 takes 3h.

Sweet Tooth 2/3

  • Sell (12) Pumpkins at your Neighbors Market
  • Feed your Pigflies (60) times
  • Upgrade Gwonk with a Sweet Tooth to level 3

Sweet Tooth 3/3

  • Sell (30) Nectar at YOUR Market
  • Water withered crops at Neighbors (20) times
  • Accept Neighbors help collecting Gwonk with a Sweet Tooth (5) times

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