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  • This Item is crafted in the Artist's Tent
  • It is unlocked upon completion of Font of Creativity 9/9
  • UPDATE ON DROPS: When you finish the Quest: Font of Creativity 9/9 Palettes will drop when accepting neighbors help and eggs will drop from any baskets you have on your land still, as long as one of the side quests is still open. However! You will not get new luxurious bush respawns
  • The Side Quests in order of appearance are: (you must finish one side quest in order to get the next)
    • 1. Hungry Gwonk / Basket with a Surprise
    • 2. Holiday Decorations
    • 3. House for a Pet!
    • 4. Let’s Stock up on Cups! (This does not appear until you finish Font of Creativity 9/9 also)


Tea Party 1/3

  • Clear (6) Trees on your own land
  • Send Neighbors (7) Gifts
  • YOU collect from your Tea Party (5) times

Tea Party 2/3

  • Feed your Pigflies (6) times
  • Enchant the Tea Party (5) times
  • YOU collect from your Tea Party (8) times

Tea Party 3/3

  • Harvest (24) Magic Beans
  • Craft (5) Strange Compound in your Laboratory (These will automatically be removed upon quest completion)
  • Accept Neighbors help with your Tea Party (5) times

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