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The Grass Grows 1/6

  • Feed Pigflies on your land (12) times
  • Collect from Houses (15) times
  • Have (3) Magic Dust

The Grass Grows 2/6


5 min construction

  • Place Grandpa Bloom on your land (Purchase from Featured Goods tab of the Store)
  • Collect from Grandpa Bloom (5) times to receive "Multicolored Primroses
  • Harvest Multicolored Primroses (15) times

The Grass Grows 3/6

  • Clear (15) ground spawn from your land
  • Find (15) Crimson Petals while clearing ground spawn or harvesting Multicolored Primroses
  • Enchant Grandpa Bloom (2) times (If you are impatient like me - use Seasonal Spells if you want it to wear off quickly so you can enchant twice in a short amount of time)

The Grass Grows 4/6

  • Have a Wonder Workshop
  • Craft (6) Flower Magic in the Wonder Workshop > Last tab
(50) Mana
(1) Seed
(2) Crimson Petals
  • Get (12) Blue Petals by using Flower Magic spell on Shmoos or Buildings (Blue Petals from Multicolored Primrose harvest counts also)
  • Note: Flower Magic spell does not increase payouts or decrease timers.

The Grass Grows 5/6

  • Upgrade Grandpa Bloom to Level 2 (see tab: Grandpa Bloom Build info)
  • Harvest (27) Multicolored Primroses
  • Craft (36) Spring Coins in your Wonder Workshop [Since you get 3 Spring Coins per batch, you only need to craft 12 batches)

The Grass Grows 6/6

  • Collect Neighbors Ruins, Mysterious Ruins or Flowering Ruins (5) times
  • Collect (12) Gold Petals by accepting Neighbors help at your Ruins or from harvesting Primroses
  • Spend at least (99) Spring Coins in the Store > Featured Goods tab

  • Grandpa Bloom has a 5 minute construction timer but no build requirements at Level 1
  • He can be ENCHANTED!!
  • Grandpa Bloom gives (2) Multicolored Primroses every 4 mins at Level 1
  • Multicolored Primroses are a 6 min crop, give 20m, 1xp and random Petal drop, 2h wither timer

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