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Purchased in the Store > Featured Goods tab with Jack-o-Cookies

  • Upon completion of Lady & Lord Quests

The Lords Story 1/3

  • Find (8) Fears while clearing ground spawn on your farm
  • Give (10) Fears to the Puppet Lord
  • Sell (4) Adult Pigflies

The Lords Story 2/3

  • Collect from the Forge or No One's Forge on your farm (3) times
  • Enchant the Puppet Lord (8) times
  • Give (15) Fears to the Puppet Lord

The Lords Story 3/3

  • Have neighbors click the Puppet Lord (8) times
  • Chop down (15) of your trees
  • Give (20) Fear to the Puppet Lord

Upon completion of quests for both the Puppet Lord & Lady you will receive this final quest...
Together Again

  • Enchant the Puppet Lord and Lady (15) times
  • Feed Zombie Animals (25) times
  • Harvest (10) Pumpkin crops

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