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The Primroses Bloom 1/5

  • Open (5) Jewelry Boxes (that probably just means 1 stack of 5)
  • Collect from Grandpa Bloom (40) times (Must click the Tree 40x, not just collect 40 Primrose)
  • Sell (12) Adult Bullies

The Primroses Bloom 2/5

The Primroses Bloom 3/5

  • Harvest (75) Primrose from your garden beds
  • Get (60) Blue Petals from using Flower Magic spell or harvesting Primrose crops
  • Collect from your Tree of Peace Quest Set (8) times

The Primroses Bloom 4/5

  • Enchant your Shmoos (20) times (Using Seasonal Spells will get them back on task faster!)
  • Accept Neighbors help with your Ruins (18) times
  • Craft (149) Spring Coins

The Primroses Bloom 5/5

  • Upgrade Grandpa Bloom to Level 6
  • Trade in the "Spring Collection"
  • Spend at least (499) Spring Coins

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