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Wise stump splash
Quest Notes:
  • You must build the Wise Stump to unlock quest 2/7.
  • Sugarbushes drop from Commercial Buildings when your neighbors click on them.
  • The graphics for the Star Magic are missing.   ITEM PATCHED
  • Save up Magic Dust gifts in your inbox for quest 4/7.
  • Have lots of Pigflies ready.
  • Consider upgrading the Wise Stump early in 6/7 to save the cotton candy from going to Kaya after you finish that task.
  • Only the first quest is timed. Your quest icon at the left of your game window may not be on top.

Build Requirements Production 
Wise stumpB1

Level 1

Wise stumpP1
Wise stumpB2

Level 2

Wise stumpP2
Wise stumpB3

Level 3

Wise stumpP3
Wise stumpB4

Level 4

Wise stumpP4

Wise stump 1 of 7
  • Harvest 5 Magic Beans
    Wise stump

    750c, 50 xp

    Wise stumpB1
  • Chop down 5 trees in your farm
  • Remove 5 rocks

NOTE: Build the Wise Stump from your inventory to spawn 2/7 of the quests (5 min timer).

Wise stump 2 of 7

NOTE: From here the quests are no longer timed. The shortcut icon may not appear at the top of your quests on the left of your game window.

Wise stump 3 of 7
  • Harvest 3 Sugarbushes (Sugarbushes drop from the commercial buildings: Weird Shops, Shops and Taverns when neighbors click)
  • Craft 2 Star Magic in the Wonder Workshop
  • Upgrade the Wise Stump to Level 2
    Star magic recipe

Wise stump 4 of 7
  • Have Neighbors click your commercial buildings 20 times
  • Get Magic Dust as a gift 15 times (Save them in your inbox until you need them)
  • Sell 25 adult Pigflies

Wise stump 5 of 7
  • Upgrade the Wise Stump to Level 3
  • Have Neighbors click on your Commercial Buildings 20 times
  • Enchant your Houses 15 times

Wise stump 6 of 7
  • Have your neighbors click your Commercial Buildings 20 times
  • Collect 15 Cotton Candy to give to Kaya.
  • Give 20 gifts to your neighbors

Wise stump 7 of 7
  • Have your neighbors click your Commercial Buildings
  • Collect from your Tree of Peace 4 times
  • Upgrade the Wise Stump to Level 4

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