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  • Shaman Owls eat (2) Frogs + 90 mana every 20 minutes. Adult @ Level 8 & Sell for 750c

Enchant your Verbena Tree to get extra crops! Today Only! 1/3

  • Clear (12) Trees on your land
  • Save up (10) Forest Denarius
  • Buy (3) Shaman's Owls from the store > Featured Goods Tab - 79 FD each

Treasure Bags you receive as Quest Rewards give lots of FD (Forest Denarius) - make sure you open them!

Today Only! 2/3

  • Feed Shaman Owls (36) times (They eat 2 Frogs + 90 mana)
  • Sell (8) Adult Shaman Owls
  • Buy (12) more Shaman Owls

PRO TIP! Stop!! Try to wait until you reach Quest: Summer Dream 9/10 before you purchase all the Owls - 9/10 asks you to "Spend 720 Forest Denarius" If you line these quests up correctly you can finish off the Summer Dream 9/10 with Owl Purchases for Today Only! 2/3 or 3/3

Today Only! 3/3

  • Accept Neighbors help on the Shaman Owls (30) times
  • Craft (12) Carpenter's Kits in the Laboratory
  • Sell (20) Adult L8 Owls

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