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The Tower of Magic, commonly referred to as "ToM" is a Craft Building where you create the Spells used for enchanting your Buildings and Shmoos.

Click the different tabs on this page, to get info regarding the Build Reqs for each level + lots of other info that will help you maximize the potential of your Spells!

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% Profit & Timer

Duration MP Coin
L1 10% 2 mins 3 30c
L2 12% 4 mins 4 40c
L3 14% 8 mins 5 50c
L4 16% 16 mins 7 60c
L5 18% 24 mins 10 80c
L6 20% 48 mins 15 100c
L7 24% 96 mins 20 120c
L8 30% 60 mins 25 160c


Spells are crafted in the Tower of Magic (ToM) - Enchanting is a very important part of Charm Farm and something you will want to do often! Here are some important Facts and Tips to help you understand the importance of crafting and casting Spells.


  • Spells increase the profit and reduce the production time of your buildings
  • The best way to gain Magic XP is through Spell Casting
  • The only way to get Rope is through casting spells. It drops from the actual spell and not the building, so keep enchanting and eventually you will get the Ropes you need.
  • The Spell Button on your right sidebar will default to the highest level spell in your inventory each time you reload/refresh your game. To choose the spell you want showing in the Spell Button - open your inventory > 5th tab > click on the Spell you want to use. This will automatically shift the Spell into the Spell Button until you reload the game again and put you in enchantment mode.


This section will teach you one of the most important tricks in the game - How to maximize your Enchantments!

  1. Begin Production in your Tower of Magic (ToM)
  2. When the timer is almost finished, Enchant it with a Spell (You can calculate the optimal time based on the level of Spell you are using, since each one lasts for a different duration)
  3. Collect your Spell - this will give you 2 Spells + extra Magic XP
  4. Continue to watch the timer, collecting as soon as the cycle has finished and restarting the ToM quickly, while the Enchantment is still active.
  5. Rinse, Repeat. This will give you many extra Spells from just 1 Enchantment.
  • Note 1: With a L7 Spell that lasts for 96mins you can run your ToM through many, many production cycles using just the 1 Enchantment!
  • Note 2: If you really want to be OCD about the timer, you can use this nifty little online countdown timer. Just set it as a reminder to collect and restart your ToM:
  • Note 3: This is also good to do on other production buildings. If you do some calculations based on the level of your spell, you can figure out the optimal time to enchant your buildings and have the enchantment carry over to the next production cycle!

You must first meet these requirements to begin the upgrade process:

Note: ML = Magic Level
  • Level 1: Provided on your land fully built
  • Level 2: ML 2 + Complete Quest: What you Sow, 500 Coins, 200 Mana
  • Level 3: ML 4 + 2300 Coins, 300 Mana
  • Level 4: ML 8 + Laboratory, 15,000 Coins, 800 Mana
  • Level 5: ML 16 + 100,000 Coins, 1000 Mana
  • Level 6: ML 23 + 150,000 Coins, 1500 Mana
  • Level 7: ML 30 + 250,000 Coins, 1500 Mana
  • Level 8: ML 40 + 500,000 Coins, 3000 Mana

  • Level 1 ToM is provided on your land fully built
  • Spell Duration: 2 min.
  • 10% Increased Profit & Timer Reduction

  • Spell Duration: 4 min.
  • 12% Increased Profit & Timer Reduction

  • Spell Duration: 8min.
  • 14% Increased Profit & Timer Reduction

  • Spell Duration: 16 min.
  • 16% Increased Profit & Timer Reduction

  • Spell Duration: 24 min.
  • 18% Increased Profit & Timer Reduction

  • Spell Duration: 48 min.
  • 20% Increased Profit & Timer Reduction

  • Spell Duration: 96 min.
  • 24% Increased Profit & Timer Reduction

  • Spell Duration 60 min
  • 30% Increased Profit & Timer Reduction