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Charm Farm is challenging. You will need a lot of Resources & Items that are nearly impossible to get on your own.
We have a strategy that requires nothing more than Neighbor cooperation!
This strategy works so well, the vast majority of Charm Farm Players use it.
Fortunately, It's very easy to learn and I will lay it out for you in a few simple steps.

The concept is simple - We share! You get your resources from me & I
get my resources from you! Our goal is to have a pool of shared resources!

Here is how it works:

1) Be a Resource Angel

  • A Resource Angel is someone who tries to keep some of their resource buildings full and ready to be harvested so that Neighbors who visit can "pillage" resources from them.

Pillage: to gather resources from your Neighbors Buildings

2) When you visit Neighbors, you have 2 choices: Pillage or Help

  • If you are going to "Pillage" - Always start with a Resource Building as your 1st click since that is where your Neighbor will see your avatar and they can decide if they want to allow or decline your visit.
    Remember: If your visit is declined, you still get whatever dropped during your visit. "Decline" has no effect on the visitor.
  • If you are going to "Help" - Use all 5 clicks to help your Neighbor.
  • Here is a list of things that are considered "Help"
  1. Clicking on a Building with a "Help Required" or "Billboard" sign next to it.
  2. Clicking on items requested on the group Help thread
  3. Feeding Animals & Dragons
  4. Selling at the Market
  5. Houses & Mana Stones aren't particularly helpful but they are neutral clicks if you have no other options

Important: If you help someone who has a sign next to a Resource Building,
you should use the rest of your clicks on "Help" items only!

3) Never mix the two! Either Pillage or Help but do not "Mix Clicks"

  • If you feed an Animal and then click a Resource Building your Neighbor will then have to refill the building, using a lot of materials and shmoo hours to make it ready for other Neighbors to get resources from.
    This is why you will often see Billboards that ask you: "Do not Mix Clicks"

Remember: This strategy only works if we help each other keep
Resource Buildings filled by clicking those 1st when we pillage!

  • Here is a handy picture to show you which Buildings are considered "Resource Buildings" - please feel free to save it to your computer or share it with others.
  • Large Library - Always drops Knowledge
  • Library - Randomly drops Knowledge (Rare)
  • Lumber Mill - Always drops Plank, Randomly drops Poles (Rare)
  • Large Lumber Mill - Always drops Plank, Randomly drops Poles (Rare)
  • Brewery - Randomly drops Firewater
  • Hall - Randomly drops Measuring Tools
  • Mine - Randomly drops Nuggets
  • Large Mine - Randomly drops Nuggets
  • Paper Workshop - Randomly drops Paper
  • Jeweler's House - Randomly drops Gemstones (Rare)
  • Woodlot - Always drops +1 Lumber
  • Large Woodlot - Always drops +1 Lumber
  • Bully Nursery - Always drops +1 Bully
  • Pigfly Nursery - Always drops +1 Pigfly
  • NOTE: Any level Mine / Lumber Mill can drop Nuggets or Poles, respectively

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