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  • Collecting Neighbors Windblow can randomly drop crops for you as well!

Windblow 1/3

  • Harvest (5) Carnivorous Sundew
  • Enchant the Windblow (1) time
  • Collect from your Windblow (1) time

Windblow and Thistle 2/3

  • Collect (3) Spells of any Level from your Tower of Magic
  • Harvest your Ruins (5) times (Only Mysterious Ruins and Ruins will update the quest Objective. Flowering Ruins will not)
  • Collect from your Windblow until you find Crop: Thistle

The Light 25! 3/3

  • Accept Neighbors help collecting Windblow (3) times
  • Collect from your Tree of Peace (5) times
  • Feed Neighbors Animals (25) times

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