Unlock Req's L18
Production Shmoos Requires +1 Shmoo
Harvest Timer 12h
Item +1 Ink
Enchant +1 Ink, time reduction

The Witch's Hut is available for purchase from the Shop at L18.
It gives +1 Ink every 12h.
This is a building I would consider to be fairly useless, for a couple of reasons:

  1. You can "ask" neighbors for Ink. Just go into your lab, choose "books" and request it.
  2. The build requirements are rather steep
  3. It requires (1) Production Shmoo to run it

The "No One's Hut" does the exact same thing and is given for free in ML9 expansion, comes pre-built and requires no Production Shmoo.
I say, stick with No One's Hut instead of purchasing the Witch's Hut!


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