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  • June 8, 2018 Update • Woodlot changes:
  • Woodlot production timer decreased from 2h to 45 min

The Woodlot is available for purchase at L10.
This is a very important building as you will be using Lumber in many quests, crafts, building constructions and a LOT of lumber is required to run production on your Lumber Mill & Large Lumber Mill
The Woodlot gives lumber (wood) every 45 mins- increased by enchanting and +1 if you allow a neighbor to harvest it for you.

I would highly recommend purchasing a Large Woodlot - however, while saving up Rubies for that premium building, you should build at least (2) Woodlots and upgrade them to L4 as soon as you're able.

  • Two L2 Woodlots = 2 Shmoos - 80L every 45 mins
  • One L4 Woodlot = 2 Shmoos - 80L every 45 mins

So the L4 would take up half the space and might be the best way to go. Having multiple woodlots and running them as often as you can, helps tremendously. Even if it's just one L4 and two L2's. Depending on the # of Shmoos and space you have a available

  • Note 1: A L3 Woodlot is not as efficient as a L2 or L4
  • Note 2: Upgrading a Woodlot to L4 is pretty cheap!
  • Important: In order to Upgrade your Woodlot you will need to reach the required Magic Level first. (see table below)
ML = Magic Level
Level Req's Cost Timer Payout
L1   L10 1 Shmoo, 20m 45 mins 20 Lumber
L2 ML13 1 Shmoo, 40m 45 mins 40 Lumber
L3 ML16 2 Shmoo, 60m 45 mins 60 Lumber
L4 ML19 2 Shmoo, 80m 45 mins 80 Lumber